Senior Moving and Downsizing Services

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“With our supportive leadership and a solid plan, what appears to be an insurmountable undertaking becomes a well planned stress-free event.”

Senior move management is a relatively new industry created to fill the demand of the growing number of seniors and their desire or need to downsize and relocate.

We understand that moving from a well-loved, well lived-in home, filled with a lifetime of belongings and cherished memories can be traumatic for anyone. For older adults this process is even more complex.

Wherever your relocation destination, you will be faced with the task of sorting through a lifetime of treasured possessions. The number of decisions and responsibilities will seem endless. Trying to decide what furnishings will fit in the new home, what to disperse to loved ones, what to donate and what to toss can be overwhelming. Then, there’s hiring a mover, utility and address changes, prepping the home for sale, packing and unpacking, hanging mirrors and drapery, and on and on and on.

You anxiously ask yourself,” Where do I start? How can I physically do all that needs to be done? What should I do with the things I leave behind? Who can I trust to help me?” Then you simply put off making a move that would ultimately improve your senior lifestyle. Sound familiar?

                                                     HELP IS ON THE WAY!!!

We are experts in coordinating and managing the moving process.  We work with realtors, clean out companies, home cleaning services, appraisers, antique dealers, home repair specialists, interior designers, moving companies and more.

A custom designed, "Get Me Started" service plan will put you on the right track and reduce your stress right from the start.  Let it be your step-by-step guide to ease your stress and get you going!

We are dedicated to creating a new home environment whether in a retirement, assisted living, or nursing care community. Our goal is to help you transition to a new home seamlessly with the treasured items you love. 




Moving companies base their fees on several factors including the weight of your belongings. Taking the time to downsize before you move is a money-saving approach with benefits!

We will help you sort through your possessions and decide what to take with you. By gifting to family and friends, selling, donating or discarding items you no longer need, you will save between 5 - 15% on moving expenses, maximize your tax deductions and help charitable organizations in the process.  

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