Estate Sale Services

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“Our goal is to manage every detail from start to finish and get the best possible results for your personal or family's assets”

An estate sale is the sale of personal property, like furniture, appliances, china, books, linens, etc. It usually involves the entire contents of  a household.

At best, an estate sale may be needed if you are choosing to move or to downsize.  Sadder circumstances may mean having to close the estate of a loved one.

Whatever the circumstances, Senior Transition Solutions knows how difficult it can be to sort out the entire contents of a home filled with possessions and treasured memories accumulated over the course of a lifetime. It can be even more overwhelming to decide what to do with everything after the family has removed items of sentimental value. 


We provide all of the resources needed to sort, organize, attractively display, photograph, research, price, advertise and sell the contents of an estate. Typically we start working in the home 7-14 days prior to the actual sale event. We bring in tables, displays and any additional items needed for set up. 

We work directly with the homeowner, family members, attorneys, trust officers or other representatives who have neither the time nor expertise to manage the liquidation of an estate. We get this done efficiently and with the sensitivity attached to personal memories.

At Senior Transition Solutions, we understand that most are apprehensive about having their home or the home of a loved one open to the public. Our clients have our assurance that their home and contents are treated with respect and care throughout the liquidation process.

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